The Baby Shower

Loads of fun last weekend. 179 Wyre Forest Road became the site of a temporary Seussville, dedicated for the day to the Dr Seuss themed baby shower for daughter-in-law Cassie and son Elliott.


Robert had been hand painting characters from the books, and the food carried through with the theme as well.



Of course there were the green eggs and ham, a Yot Pot (full of meatballs), dozens and dozens of sausage rolls, Cat in the Hat jellies, Truffula tree style rum balls and coloured jelly cakes.

Not to be forgotten was Carmichael the outdoor bread oven, who cooked around 60 pizzas during the course of the afternoon.

By way of drinks there was pink lemonade (of the raspberry and redcurrant kind), and a little homemade beer for the boys.

In pride of place was the cake, baked and crafted by daughter Stephanie, a masterful tribute to Dr Seuss and the little baby girl soon to be born.


Lovely people, great fun, a wonderful day all round.

It would be sad that the party was over BUT in a couple of weeks time daughter-in-law Emma will have a similar baby shower here, different theme, so Robert is off painting again, loving every minute.

We are so lucky to be able to share in the happiness that surrounds the arrival of these two new grandbabies. To add a party to the mix is just perfect.

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