Day Trippers

We assumed the role of day-trippers yesterday, taking a leisurely drive to our former home region of Eaglehawk Neck.

Beautiful day, idyllic conditions, incredible scenery, simply stunning.

Lufra Cove, a mere 5 minutes walk from our old house was, as anticipated, incredibly beautiful as ever, the waves gently breaking over the rocks of the bay.


resized_20160917_110651resized_20160917_110210Daffodils and bluebells grow wild around the grassy banks at this time of year, even tiny blue orchids if you know where to look.


The little bridge that crosses the creek is still standing, the water flowing lazily as always. It’s a sight to behold after a good downpour though – then it runs raging into the sea.resized_20160917_111523We walked down Pirates Bay Drive from our previous house to the Tessellated Pavement, noting along the way that even our secret blackberry patch by the roadside remains unchanged.


We went on to follow the road around the peninsula, ‘doing the loop’ through Nubeena, visiting the local market and catching up with friends, and then round past Port Arthur.

A brief stop for a lunch of freshly cooked local fish at Dunalley, a visit to see a darling little grandson at Primrose Sands and finally the return to our home in the Valley completed a fabulous, nostalgic and relaxing day.

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