The Indomitable Tom

There’s a little bit of an issue for young Jacob here – he gets (significant) sniffles around cats. However, despite this, he loves to sit in the fabric bean bag that old ex-feral Tom cat calls his own.

This week we were given a vinyl bean bag that I anticipated the cats would not like at all and so would be cat-fur-free. If by some remote chance a few strands of fur found their way onto it in passing, it could easily be wiped clean.

I put it out today on the lounge room in readiness for Jacob’s visit. Before he even arrived, Tom had claimed this as his property as well. Jacob was never able to sit in it at all.

Tom is very pleased with the new acquisition as you can see – had a ‘bath’, snuggled in and fixed us with a stare that dared us to try to remove him (not likely!).


Jacob had to content himself with an arm chair and an antihistamine, which bothered him not one jot.

No prizes for guessing who rules the household here….

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