The Disney Baby Shower

The second of the baby showers here last weekend, this time for daughter-in-law Emma.

Great reason for fun, food and friends to share in the happiness.

Other than the wind, it was a perfect day. As usual Herman the bread oven, driven by Robert, performed outstandingly with cooking innumerable pizzas for everyone.

I am not exaggerating though when I say that the wind literally blew toppings off some of those pizzas – a potato, garlic and rosemary pizza was especially victimised. It lost its potato slices to a particularly nasty gust and went flying across the grass.

Lots of food to share inside as well – Emma’s favourite Lemon Meringue Pie in abundance, and a marvellous cake decorated by daughter Stephanie, along with some pretty special Mickey Mouse kiss biscuits.





For me there was extra special enjoyment in the cooking of the party food to those with gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance or diabetes. For instance – 3 types of rum balls – one batch normal, one for pregnant ladies (no rum) and one batch gluten free (hate to think of anyone having to miss out because of dietary restrictions).

Two types of fruit flan – one almost nil sugar, one gluten free and almost nil sugar. Little pavs (no cream) for the dairy-freers, gluten free sausage rolls and so on. One of Mickey’s cake ears was gluten free.

All this special baking was the best of kitchen fun.

Anyway, enough about the food.

Disney, of course, was the theme of the party, and Robert brought some older of the characters to life in paintings to decorate the scene (they too almost became casualties of the wind).


pic7All turned out well however, a wonderful day, so now just to await the happy event of the arrival of the new little grand baby. If you look closely at the photo of the two daughters-in-law, you will see that we are especially fortunate to have two new grandbabies on the way. How great is that?


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