The Old Jaffle Iron

Herman the outdoor bread oven has been put through his (its) paces over the last few days. Everything from pizzas to roasts have been cooked in there. There is no oven better here, and that’s saying something – I have 7 in total.

Yesterday, with grandchildren here for a sleepover, Robert decided to pull out the old jaffle iron and cook them breakfast with Herman’s assistance. One chose creamed corn and cheese, the other chose egg, with specific instructions for a runny yolk.


I had forgotten how good jaffles are. I long ago stopped using it because I bought an electric snack maker, the supposed modern day equivalent. No way it can compare.


The toast on the outside is golden, light and crunchy, the free range egg in the middle, just delicious. If you can get hold of an old waffle iron, try doing this, a simple but most wonderful breakfast treat.


4 thoughts on “The Old Jaffle Iron

  1. SereneBee says:

    I’ve been married 41 years and we often use our jaffle iron on the gas stove; occasionally in a camp fire. I wouldn’t be without it; it is so handy, especially for leftovers~~~


  2. Scott says:

    You (inadvertantly) mention the old waffle iron which is also a favourite (along with the jaffle iron) in our household… freerange eggs make a quick batter and eat the waffles with either fresh or preswrved fruit and icecream.


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