Blood Oranges and Snow and Frost?

It was in to the ABC this morning – and what a chilly morning it was. We do a good frost here at Molesworth I have to say.

You can see three of our pets in a row (Poppy, Rosie and old Tom the ex-feral) begging for us to stoke up Hester at 6am. They have become very fond of ‘her’ warmth to say the least.

Given the photos here and the chill in the air, it would seem incomprehensible that on the way home we were able to pick blood oranges in full sun from a tree at nearby Brighton. This with snow-covered Mt. Wellington in the background, truly idyllic.

The tree was absolutely laden – and huge thanks to Judy who invited us to come and pick them. We ended up with a very large tub full indeed. What a treat – I can feel a cook-up of marmalade, cordial, curd, cookies and cakes coming on.

Speaking of ABC, I am about to type up the recipes we discussed during the programme – such as Vera’s “Rags and Flea Soup” and Nola’s barbecue sauce. They should be up in my next post within the hour.

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