Blood orange cup cakes

I’ve had visitors drop in this afternoon – one of the best things is that “Hester” the Nectre is always at the ready for baking.  (That’s the beauty of these wood fired slow combustion heaters/stoves).

Within half an hour blood orange drizzle cup cakes were ready, as the oven had simply needed a little boost of temperature.

What’s in them aside from the blood orange and usual cupcake ingredients? I gave the visitors the choice – blueberries or chocolate pieces? Both, they replied. And so here they are, in the baking and finished.

In the mixture I used some of the whey from  ricotta I made the other day (though milk would have worked just as well), along with blood orange juice and rind.

No colourings in the icing, just the juice of the oranges, amazing. The flavour is delicious too – as I write this one of our visitors is eating the dregs of the icing from the pot….

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