Rainy Day Play

I love rainy days, gives me all the more excuse to cook.

Now with warmer days coming on apace, it’s not going to be practical to light Hester the Nectre each and every day. What a shame. Withdrawal symptoms might be experienced I think.

So … time to make the most of the situation while I still can.

A radio interview of yesterday necessitated the invention of preserving recipes for blueberries. Blueberry jam doesn’t do much for me, the relish even less, so made a blueberry drizzle to flavour and/or spoon over ice cream (or cheesecake, or yoghurt etc). Next – blueberry cordial concentrate. A spoonful or two in gravy or jus for game meats gives a lovely, fruity lift.

Used as a coulis, excellent. However, how about this (as pictured in the glass with straws)? An old fashioned ‘spider’. I’ll use the syrup as a base for mocktails too, cocktails – even better.

As it’s school holidays, grandson Jacob came to stay the night. Great reason to have a cook-up in and on Hester.

A redcurrant and mustard glazed lamb roast, stuffed onions and tons of other vegetables, including a macaroni cheese (3 cheeses) that also incorporated about a dozen hard boiled eggs and par-cooked cauliflower, then more cheese on top and baked.

Dessert – lovely fat and light churros, this time with blood orange and blueberry ice creams, blueberry syrup and chocolate ganache.

Lots of family and friends here to eat it all – my most favourite of all circumstances.

Today – some chilli beef to serve over nachos for Jacob’s lunch.

Then I wondered if the churros mixture would make half decent cream puffs. After all, there was still some of the batter left in the piping bag. The answer? Yes!! So pleased it worked.

One problem – what do I fill them with? I’d used all the cream making the ice creams yesterday…. back to the fridge therefore to see if there are any ingredients that might be substituted.

Have to be able to invent something as visitors are coming for afternoon tea. Can’t have them go away hungry!

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