Rainy day fare

So with the temperature not rising above 10 degrees C today (hooray) and the rain still pouring down here at Molesworth, there’s plenty for Hester BBO to do.

We’ve had a wonderful, steady stream of visitors since just before lunch time. Hence there were plenty of people to help us eat all that was cooked.

On the stovetop there was pulled lamb simmering away contentedly. The oven took its turn cooking lemon chicken, as well as a smallish piece of ham, glazed with honey and sweet chilli sauce. When the oven was needed for the bread, then they finished cooking on the stovetop.

Bread rolls were brushed with egg and dusted with bush tukka dukka (courtesy of Rees Campbell of “Eat WIld Tasmanian” fame).

The rolls were served with the lamb, along with labna (yoghurt cheese), sprinkled with River MInt and various pickles.

The finger buns were filled with a generous amount of the lemon curd that was also cooked on the stovetop and then a whipped kefir cream piped into them when they cooled. Others had fresh raspberry jam instead of the curd.

For the breads – the sole rising agent was that homemade hop/potato yeast that you can see bubbling away in the bottle still. It’s very active this batch. Maybe it’s because the hops grow wild down by the river.

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