Baking again (still)

Back to the stoves today. Yesterday was set aside for shopping for ingredients.

Finally I was able to get some apples to make cider (many thanks to Stan at Kingston Produce Market).

Today – time to make stock, the basis for all tasty savoury cooking – both chicken and beef/lamb/pork. Bones were roasted off, then placed in a pot, covered with water, extra ingredients added, and then simmered for hours. (Recipe in “Little Book of Slow”)

Fruit mince tarts, dozens of tart cases, smart cookies (contain smarties) and blueberry muffins. (Some of these out on the stall at our gate).

Other things were baked too, soon to be revealed.

For dinner, a bit of a bake-up of curried prawn/scallop pies.

We are so fortunate to have such abundance of ingredients and cooking options to be sure, when so many people in the world go hungry.

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