Leftover Makeovers

Still lots of baking to be done with more of the family arriving today.

As the weather is so hot (by my standards at least), ovens baking flat out inside only exacerbates the issue.

Therefore good old Herman, the outdoor oven that Robert built, has come to the rescue. “He” baked for hours Christmas Day and yesterday, and will likely do so again over the next few days.

With all this cooking, there is a mounting array of leftovers.

Had an interview with ABC’s Ryk Goddard this morning on this very subject. I had pulled out my book “Leftover Makeovers” for the purpose, by way of a reminder.

I am very glad I did. There were lots of things I’d forgotten about in there – everything from poultry, seafood, meats, ham, cheese and other dairy, bread, rice, cake, biscuits, pasta, salads, eggs (either yolks or whites), nuts, cooked vegetables and so much more.

If you have a copy, and you have some leftovers that you need to use – take a look in there for some ideas and recipes galore (more than 100).

(The book is still available online and in many bookstores by the way).

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