Zucchini Excess

Seems it’s true – can’t even give them away, the zucchinis that is.

Oh well, never mind, there’s always the ever-popular zucchini slice, slightly altered with the addition of some of the semi dried tomatoes and with chunks of leftover camembert incorporated into the mix. The olive oil that surrounded the tomatoes made a tasty alternative to the oil I would normally use.

Leftover Christmas ham was thawed and used instead of the usual bacon.

The pumpkin in the baking tray was cooked in the juices from the browning of the bones before they went into the stockpot.

One jar of preserved greengages didn’t seal but that’s ok – made a dairy-free greengage shortcake for visitors this afternoon.

Yesterday I was given a box full of fresh beef bones. Love a really good stock, but not so much the aroma of it cooking in the house.

Solution? Herman has been re-purposed as a simmering station. Made 5 litres of rich stock yesterday, and now another large pot full on the go. (The smaller pot holds the scraps and bones from last night’s roast chicken dinner).

So now …… what to cook next?

I think the zucchini and parmesan soup made from the recipe posted by a lady named Wilma a couple of weeks ago. It really is exceptionally delicious. I used lovage, one of the herbs she suggested, and nowadays one of my favourites (we have a huge plant growing in the veggie patch).

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