Elderberries into Syrup

Then yesterday and today – elderberries, from the garden of a friend in New Norfolk.

They are a breeze to pick, and simple to remove from their stalks with the tines of a fork.

The rich, dark liquid was strained off (after brief simmering) last evening. Today it was completed with the addition of some sugar and a little cider vinegar.

I reduced the amount of sugar i the recipe, so needed to waterbath the filled bottles to ensure that the syrup keeps well.

All done now. We have almost two dozen bottles of this lovely, healthy drink to enjoy over winter.

It’s delicious now on hot days of course, one part syrup to four to five parts iced water. However in cold weather, substituting hot water for the cold, it’s a wonderful, warming drink.

Very happy to be able to access elderberries this year – it’s been a long time since I last had any to work and play with.

2 thoughts on “Elderberries into Syrup

  1. robyntownsendrobyn says:

    I planted an elderberry tree about 3 years ago and this year it has a reasonable amount of berries for the first time. I did make some elderflower cordial but the elderberry syrup sounds amazing. Do you have a recipe for it, or is it in one of your books?


    • sallywiseau says:

      I originally thought it was in “A Year in a Bottle” or “Complete Preserves” but was mistaken I just realised. I made it from the recipe for blackcurrant syrup, but only simmered the mixture for 8 minutes, then only very gently. If you don’t have either of these books, let me know and I will send you the recipe. Sally

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