An Abundance of Plums

It’s a very plummy time of year, which is of course, just wonderful.

A gift from a friend yesterday, three types of plums, in abundance. One of the varieties was the lovely golden gage plum. They were quite ripe, so into the bottles they went first this morning.

Some jars were made into a mixed plum feast for later eating. A breakfast of preserved plums, a whole grain cereal and yoghurt is certainly hard to beat.

Others, along with their red plum cousins, have gone into a plum barbecue sauce, Chinese Plum sauce and plum cordial syrup.

There were just a handful or two that were a bit over-ripe. No need for them to go to waste however.

Old toothless Ramekin is really quite spoilt now, his expectation each day is a little gift from the kitchen of the over-ripe fruit kind. He bellows for it in fact, each time we come within his range of sight.

Dear old Doris, of not many more teeth, is never one to be left out of such a feast, large or small, so determinedly competes for her share.

Ramekin is especially amusing to watch. He sucks the plum, tips his head back in utter bliss, then spits the pips out the side of his mouth. Dear old man, we are so pleased he is is living out the last stages of his life here with us, It’s the least we can do to spoil him a little.

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