Oatmeal and Milk Bread – time to bake again!

There have to be some limits, can’t bear not baking any longer, so today with Hester burning brightly, I made some Oatmeal and Milk bread.

If you are lucky enough to have a Big Bakers Oven, a good way to ensure an even crust is to use a large tray after about 20 minutes baking, or even 15, as a heat shield. I insert it on the uppermost shelf to stop the crust over-browning.

Once the bread finishes its baking time, the sides and base can be a little pale, so I pop the loaves back in, with or without the heat shield, and leave for about 5 minutes more. It ends up with an even, brown, crunchy crust. Yum.

Happy to share the recipe if anyone wants it.

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