Party Baking on a Frosty, Misty Molesworth Morning

Perhaps the best time of day here in this little corner of the Valley is just around dawn, especially this time of year.

This morning was a perfect example. I was up extra early to do some baking, and the mist progress creeping up into this little property, with a good coating of frost on the grass, was simply stunning to watch.

Order of the early rise baking – gluten free sausage rolls and dozens of little lemon meringue pies to take to our grandson Hunter’s party.

As the sun crept into the kitchen and by the toasty warmth of Hester, there arguably were few better places to be.

Eventually we headed out for the party at Primrose Sands.

Disaster of a kind – clumsy to the core, as I was carrying a large tray of lemon meringue tarts to the car I slipped on the gravel, and fell down hard. Ouch. It surely is a result of the recent rains – the surface of the driveway is all but washed away and very slippery with what little gravel remains.

However, top priority to my mind was the tarts – many were lost unfortunately, but was able to save about 4 dozen.

The rest that ‘bit the dust’? I threw them into the shrubs lining the driveway.

I expect the possums will be quite pleased to find dessert in there tonight. It will be a nice finishing touch to their meal of whatever they have been able to access from our garden vegetables.

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