A Wintry Day in Molesworth

Very busy day here yesterday. Lovely people came to the cooking class, lots to eat and it was lovely and warm with the old slow combustion wood stove, Carmichael, very capably heating the cooking school space.

Lots of dishes were prepared in the slow cookers, don’t think anyone went away hungry.

Except for heating the house, Hester the Bakers Oven had a bit of a break yesterday due to a busy class in the cooking school.

However, that couldn’t last long. Chilli pork with peppers, apricot chicken, pan roasted pumpkin and potato slurry (to feed the hop yeast plant for tomorrow’s bread baking) are taking up the stovetop.

In the oven, one of husband Robert’s favourite desserts – baked apples, filled with cranberries and a touch of lime zest and juice to counter-balance the sweet golden syrup that will form a caramel sauce when it melts and melds with the butter.

The terrible twosome Poppy and Rose as usual vie for the best spot in front of the fire. When I opened the oven door to place the apples inside, Poppy quickly jumped into Rosie’s basket so she too could benefit from the momentary extra burst of heat. These two are as good as a circus.

It’s raining outside, the cooking school is all cleaned up after yesterday’s class, so all that remains is to figure out what I can bake next.

Or maybe make some fresh cheeses as a bit of practice for two cheese making classes here in a week or so…. after all, a quick mascarpone would go well with the baked apples.

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