The nettle feta actually even turned out well, even the first batch, the second, currently being made, should be even better.

I would post a photo, if only I could make the computer and camera talk to each other today, no cooperation there at present.

Still (and of this I do have photos) a couple of days ago I discovered a real treasure in our garden – gorgeous little golden orbs – cumquats.

Now this tree is by no means a star performer. We brought it with us from Eaglehawk Neck years ago. It has at least grown somewhat but only ever produced a couple of cumquats each year, despite ample watering and appropriate feeding.

So I was ecstatic to find about 100 tiny ripe fruit, very tiny in fact. The photo shows a normal sized cumquat (about the only one of that calibre on the tree) and the size of the smaller ones.

I love confit cumquats served with blue cheese, a perfect pairing. It has always been a shame about the pips though, which are virtually impossible to remove without spoiling the shape of each cumquat.

An absolutely delightful feature of these tiny fruit is that there seem to be no pips. When you place one of these confit cumquats in your mouth and bite into it, it is an explosion of flavour, beyond delicious, truly one of the best things I have ever tasted.

The tree has yielded about 120 so far and there’s a few more to ripen. So I will look at it now in a much kinder way and hope it performs similarly next year.

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