Episode 2 Runaway dough

Well, next episode – brought the dough inside, knocked it down and gave it a good beating with a spoon.

Thought that would keep it in check while I went merely to put clothes on the line and give Snowball the rabbit a new bottle of ice to sidle up to.

This  is what I returned to…. from bad to worse.

Never mind, all turned out ok in the end.

I really should stop trying to multi-task. It’s starting to cause me issues.

Something I noticed belatedly – in that first rising outside (in the shade in the wood box), some of the dough had spilled over onto the kindling.

Got to thinking …. well, if you can cook and egg in such heat, what will happen if I put the wood box into the sun? It’s not on a metal tray I know, but I couldn’t transfer it as it’s stuck to the wood.

However, have to try these things. Will the roll-sized lump of dough merely dry out or will it actually cook? Time will tell.

Meanwhile – a big batch of peach Worcestershire is now on the stove. About to make some autumn fruits butter.

Tonight we will bottle pears, pear juice and peaches. Maybe make some pear cider. Those pears are divine!! Best I’ve tasted since I was a child in my Grandad’s garden.

Peaches are jolly fine too. How lucky are we?!

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