Lavender and Chillies

What to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Forage through the freezer, yielding almost 4 kilos of long forgotten red chillies.

Match that to the Tasmanian grown ginger I was given recently, and the last of our home grown garlic = 8 batches of sweet chiili sauce.

Thought I might as well finish making quince jelly at the same time.

Plus a little more lavender experimentation, the topic of a talk I am to give later this week.

Took a recipe from the internet and reduced the sugar hugely. What do you know …. the lemon and lavender slice then separated into 3 layers, one of which was an unintended, but delicious, lemon custard, sitting between a layer of crisp lavender shortbread and a crunchy lightly-lavendered crumble topping.

Test tasters in the class today loved it, as did others that have come through our door over the past day or two.

Love it when a recipe plan comes together.

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