Porridge, slow cooked, on a cold and frosty morning

Before dawn on a cold and frosty Molesworth Saturday morning, lovely to get up to a slow cooker filled with creamy porridge, cooked overnight. Simply stir and serve.

It was a day for a slow cooking class, and people who came along loved having the option on arrival of this porridge served with maple syrup or brown sugar and cream.

(After all I do say best not to eat breakfast before you come to one of our classes.)

Of course slow cooking can also have a different connotation, namely the tradition behind food.

In this respect, in the photo is a homemade potato hop yeast, along with the overnight ‘sponge’ made from it ready to rise some bread rolls and focaccia. These were served with many dishes we made during the class that day.

Autumn and winter food – warming, welcoming and wonderful, absolutely the best time of year.

(Just a little note – use steel cut oats, not rolled oats when making slow cooker porridge.)

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