African Horned Melons of the Derwent Valley

I love it when unusual produce crosses my path, so was delighted when I was given a box of African Horned Melons (Kiwano).

Challenge – what to do with them?

The flesh is astounding, mild flavoured and mildly evocative of citrus. A curd then, as a first port of call.


Oh my goodness! Delicious, creamy with a slight and refreshing acidity.

I have several other plans for the remainder.

An interesting piece of trivia – I read today that the fruit was mentioned in an episode of Star Trek, in that instance called Golana Melon from the planet Golana.

Meanwhile, for these melons of planet earth, if you can get hold of them, this curd is well worth making. I will use it to fill little sweet tarts tomorrow and maybe top with a little swirl of meringue.

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