The Stuff of Inspiration – Tasmanian pure honey and pepperberries

This + this + this = what? Today’s little adventure in the kitchen.

On our way back from the north of the state recently, we called in at a place called The Conservatory, at Sassafras.

I’d known this place since I was a child, driven past it innumerable times. (“A place for plants” my parents had simply said).

I had no idea it was now The Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory.

It is a place of inspiration, with a huge range of Tasmanian products.

We have so many pepperberries here on the bushes – it’s a bit boring just to dry them, we must have buckets full of those by now.

There at the Conservatory I purchased a bottle of pepperberry soy sauce and pepperberry smoked salt.

Clumsy to a fault, I managed to break the sauce as soon as we arrived home but not before it gave food for thought.

7 kilos of honey (a gift from a friend) + some of our fresh pepperberries, + 5 litres of balsamic vinegar in the pantry cupboard. I don’t know what will come out of this exactly, but it seems to have potential, in the right proportions, as a sauce or dressing of some kind. Hopefully it will work as there will be quite a lot of it.

Incidentally, the breakfast we enjoyed at this place was amazing – generous, delicious and featured local Tasmanian produce and condiments.

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