Molesworth Winter Morning

It’s a very cold and frosty morning here – still a way to go before it all melts.

First chore of the day – feed the animals. I always have a slow cooker of barley cooking to a porridge overnight, warms their tummies first thing in the morning. It’s mixed with the rest of their mash and cooked up vegetable peels.

The chooks line up at the rustic Hen Hilton; after grain they get a long dish full of the warm breakfast to share. Though they can’t be seen here, there’s several green parrots and now a magpie that join them each day now.

The sheep – no need for them to shiver really with their thick coats, but they get extra hay, and of course old Doris likes to eat chook mash off a spoon.

The ducks weren’t too keen for their bath, took a while to jump in. Despite the feathers, they’re not as brave as people at Sandy Bay Beach at dawn yesterday.

For the first time in ages, I had time to wander over to the far paddock. Lovely view of the Valley from there. There’s the picnic rock too – a lovely spot in summer to enjoy a cold drink.

Then …. back to the kitchen. We picked more apples this week – Granny Smiths this time. I like these to make scrumpy and also stew and preserve for pies and tarts, plus small bottles for apple sauce. I also have a few of another variety to make pickled apples, delicious with roast pork.

I came across red currants, lots of them, in the freezer, so will make jelly with those on wood-burning Hester in the house.

Day all sorted until Robert came inside with a large tray of artichokes. “Just one plant, there’s many more to come.” he said. Goodness, what will I do with those? So many that I will need to preserve a great number. Ideas anyone?

So a busy day coming up – not a bad view though from the cooking school window. There are certainly worse places to spend a day cooking.

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