Leftover type things

Here are the two of my books getting the greatest workout in the kitchen at present. Several of our children have said that “Leftover Makeovers” is their favourite of all my books, amazing since using up leftovers when they were young was a constant game of subterfuge.

In the background of that photo, the apple skin cider vinegar is going well, almost done and a purchase of significance from a second hand shop this week – a massive, beautiful stainless steel masher for a mere $5. Love op shops!

Rosie  the cat that can be seen  is not supposed to be anywhere near the table, but she’s trying to catch the warmth of a few sparse rays of sunshine that are making it through the window panes.

As I’ve been peeling buckets and buckets of apples, seems a shame to let all those skins go to waste, so made some apple skin scrumpy (cider). It’s a bit cloudy, but that’s ok. Will it work? I don’t know but tastes mighty fine so far.

This recipe (in “A Year on the Farm”, but there chopped whole apples are used) only takes about a week to ferment and become drinkable.

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