Gluten free class today

The gluten free class here has just finished. I really do love this class topic.

Lots of things were made today as per the photos here. Most of the recipes were from my gluten free book “From My Kitchen to Yours”.

However, it’s fantastic when someone in the class says “I really do miss, most of all ….” and we immediately can switch tack and make that item.

Today by special request – crumpets (an extension and adaptation of my gluten free bread recipe). With just a little perseverance and adaptation it worked! So pleased.

The scones – I’ve not been what I would call greatly successful with them before, but today by adding another little ingredient on a whim, they worked very well indeed.

Also made – hotcakes with a berry compote and blackcurrant ice cream, sausage rolls, little meat pies, everyday bread, jelly cakes that were later filled with whipped cream, focaccia, raspberry shortcake and pizzas.

Oh yes – forgot to mention blinis, also from the basic bread . These were spread generously with homemade yoghurt cheese that was creamed with chopped spring onion, then topped with smoked salmon and a small piece of one of the semi-dried tomatoes prepared yesterday.

A great favourite – the cream buns.

Such a fun morning with the lovely ladies who came along for the class.

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