A little baking on a chilly Molesworth morning

Seems an age since I’ve posted anything. So for anyone who thinks I might have hung up my apron and gone AWOL from the kitchen, here’s a little baking done this morning.

For the Wednesday morning tea platter – carrot cupcakes with lemon/lime/tangelo cream cheese icing, sprinkled with with butter-infused toasted flaked almonds.

There’s bread of course (can’t bear to have a day go by without baking a dough of some description) and for visitors this afternoon, snack-sized, two-bite-sized blueberry muffins.

These last were vegan for a while, a few still are, but didn’t want to waste the last of that icing, so that was the end of the vegan factor for most of them.

Oh yes, just in case there wasn’t sufficient for all on the morning tea platter, I threw a batch of cranberry and choc chip cornflake biscuits in the oven. Would hate to see anyone go hungry!

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