Cooking at Triabunna – idyllic Tasmanian seaside town

Travelled early this morning up the east coast to Triabunna.

Spent a very enjoyable morning cooking with this lovely band of gentlemen.

During the class I was introduced to a wonderful, flavoursome, pure salt of the region, even received a gift of a packet. It had to be done, might be a while before I get back there, so went and bought two more packets.

Delicious seafood lunch from the Fish Van, a trip to the local op shop and a really good coffee at the Gallery Art Spaces Cafe saw our day in Triabunna come to an end, as we headed homeward to feed the waiting menagerie.

Fun time, great people, beautiful scenery – certainly you couldn’t ask for more.

(Thanks to Lona Turvey for organising the cooking class, and also Angela).

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