The Menagerie- some of them at least

It’s lovely to watch the farm pets here each day. Every one of them has their own personality and set routine.

Mother hen (Penny) is very clever. She has struck up a friendship with Molly the duck, who in turn protects her precious chicks from the Currawongs. It’s been a good strategy as all of her 12 babies have survived.


The lovely friendship of Molly, Penny and her babies

These little chickens have very quickly learned that it’s safe to come out in the open for the afternoon feed of wheat that Robert takes over for them.


Afternoon feed time

Every morning there’s a line-up of ducks for the bath – Milly, Molly and Mandy take it in turns. They mill about a bit, more or less amicably, and have a big discussion until it’s decided who takes the first plunge.

The big discussion about who has first bath today



Milly takes the plunge, loves it.

Old ginger Tom likes to come along to help with the morning feed routine. He especially loves it when it’s turn the compost morning, as was the case today. He sits on the bin wall, ever hopeful that a mouse that might have been hiding in the depths is revealed.

Tom helping turn the compost


“Surely must be a mouse in there somewhere!” says Tom

Exhausted after all that effort, he returns to the house and steals Poppy Puppy’s basket for a day-long nap. No-one would dare challenge him.

Disturb this sleeping beauty at your own peril. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness


All part of the family menagerie, so much fun.

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