Beautiful township of Stanley and Circular Head Show

We’ve spent a few days in beautiful Stanley during the past week. The culmination was the Circular Head Show (where I did some judging of Preserves).

I was also invited to assist Josh Perry from Perry’s Quality Meats in the stage area. Extremely talented young man – all day he good-humouredly baked and cooked like a dynamo, showcasing local produce under the theme of “Grazing the Region”.

We took the time to do the Tarkine Drive, which of course was stunning. Loved the roadside sink holes that now form peaceful ponds and lakes.

There are easy, picturesque walks around the quaint township of Stanley, my favourite being along the seaside, idyllic.

On the second last day, on our morning walk we caught sight of this in the distance – two bullock teams on the beach making their way to the Showgrounds. I know it’s not a great photo, too far away, but simply had to be snapped.

Show over we headed home. Our animals had been well cared for by the pet sitters as usual. Tom raised a bleary eye and stretched a bit – it looked like he hadn’t moved from the (dog’s) basket since we left. Absolutely no indication that he had even noticed we’d gone, let alone missed us.

The grass is still green and a beautiful rainbow greeted us, so pretty..

One thought on “Beautiful township of Stanley and Circular Head Show

  1. M-R says:

    I like Tom best. He is like my beautiful Lui, whom I lost in September.
    My vet says marmalade tabbies have lovely natures.
    She doesn’t say anything about their being lazy slobs. [grin]


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