No-Pastry Egg and Bacon tarts

Early yesterday afternoon friends rang to say they were dropping in for a visit.

“Only for a cup of tea though.” they said. “Nothing to eat. We’re on a pre-Christmas diet, only eating protein and fats, certainly no carbs.”

Come here and not have a little to eat? Unthinkable, couldn’t bear the thought.

So here was the solution. Crustless egg and bacon tarts.

I simply lined muffin tins with bacon, cracked in an egg, left whole, sprinkled with black pepper and topped with a quarter slice of vintage cheddar and baked for about 12 minutes.

They have the added advantage of being gluten free (just need to check that the bacon is labelled as gluten free).

So they came, they ate. Mission accomplished.

Here’s what was left at the end of the visit – just four.

By the way, these are ideal for an egg and bacon roll.  Just bake and pop one or two into a lovely fresh bread roll.  It removes the need for a fry-up and the subsequent washing up.

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