And then there were geese….

And then there are the geese – adopted as goslings a few weeks ago.

Reason – the ride-on mower tends to tilt a bit alarmingly in places when I mow in (what is loosely termed) the orchard.

“Geese are great for keeping down the grass.” said several friends.

“They can be really nasty, geese can.” said others.

A compromise – these four were hand reared and so were already quite tame. A little time spent sitting on the grass with them each day means they have remained so.

Chatting with Robert

Time for a snuggle - they love the pattern on this dress

Geese are smart birds it seems, smarter I’ve noticed than the chooks and ducks. They are mischievous too, and cheeky.

Mischief - pulling at the stakes at the edge of the orchard

They live in the lap of luxury really, with a re-purposed old bathtub as a swimming pool to cool down each day


and Robert built them a lovely spacious goose-house to go into each evening.

So hopefully will never turn nasty. Already they know their individual names and love to follow us around.

All in all, a happy addition to the menagerie here.

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