When Seafood comes to the Valley

I am SO pleased about Georgetown Seafood’s coming to New Norfolk every second Saturday wherever possible. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to access such wonderful quality fish.

When ordering this week, owner Greg asked if I’d tried using Boarfish. (No, I hadn’t.)

He told me it is an excellent baking fish, and recommended a recipe that has a spread of pesto underneath the fillets, and a little more on top.

A few minutes before the end of cooking time, add some thin slices of tomato and a small sprinkling of grated cheese.

It was baked in a moderate oven for about 25 minutes (in total).

The tomatoes I used were green but not in the sense of under ripe. These were a gift from a neighbour – classified as a zebra breed, due to their stripes) and beautifully sweet and tender.

Delicious recipe, thanks to Greg. It’s well worth trying.

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