A Tale of Two Jellies

Spot the difference, not so easy in the jar perhaps, but certainly evident on the plate.
The lighter one is quince jelly, the darker quince and apple.
The latter was inspired by a comment a few days ago that spoke about their making a batch of the quince and apple and how delicious it is.
It immediately threw me back to my kitchen of many decades ago (1974 to be precise) – it was the first jelly I ever made. I remember thinking that the flavour was astonishingly good.
So it had to be made again, immediately of course.
Having just a few quinces left and the same of some lovely red rosy apples, the jelly was soon replicated.
Its flavour is the same as I remembered, delicious and noticeably different to straight quince. The colour once on a scone, a robust and sparkling red.
Both fruits were of really good quality and so both the jellies set to the desired state of “tremulous” as one very old cookbook claimed is the ultimate state for a jelly preserve.
All credit to the produce – we are so fortunate to have such exceptional, flavoursome autumn fruits here in Tasmania.

One thought on “A Tale of Two Jellies

  1. Helen Galea says:

    Hello Sally
    I just had to try the quince and apple jelly. It was as you said extremely delicious. For a touch of the warmth I added peppercorns and chilli flakes. You would only just know they were there. Thank you for sharing this recipe.
    Warm regards



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