Honey Caramel Pear Slice

I feel that there’s always a justification for a morning of ongoing baking.
First thing today – a honey caramel upside down pear slice, prepared to send to a neighbour.
Smelt so good I had to bake it again. Immediately.
After all, the pots, mixing bowl, beaters and boards were already there, so I could be used before they needed to be washed.
The oven was still hot, and there was a bit of a lull until the bread rose and needed baking.
Speaking of which, with flour on the bench top from the kneading, then surely if was the opportune time to make pastry to make pasties for dinner tonight.
It was scientific in a way, because I used homemade cultured butter in the second cake and the shortcrust pastry, by of comparison. (See what I mean about self justification?)
Incidentally, the pears for the cake were some we preserved a few weeks ago. At that time sugar was very hard to come by, and so there’s none at all in their surrounding preserving liquid.
They taste really good regardless, probably because they were tree ripened. They were a gift from a friend.
The packing of the pears is kind of random I know, not up to “show quality”. However, there were a lot to do and rustic is a nice look anyway.
So just now as I write this, I am enjoying a still-warm piece of the slice – so pleased I baked it again. Not great for my girth, so I will need to freeze some of it or share a great deal of it with others.
Happy to type up and share the recipe with anyone who would like it.

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