Winter Fog at Molesworth

One of the most beautiful features of the property here is undoubtedly the morning and afternoon mist.

It’s a fog with many moods – sometimes it lays dense like a blanket around the house, lifting only for an hour or so in the afternoon before re-forming.  I love the chill in the air that accompanies it.

However it’s very rare for it to linger so close for long. Usually about 10am it retreats down towards the bottom paddock, and we are left bathed in sunshine.

From there it is like a living creature constantly on the move, swirling back and forth, rising then falling back down to hug the ground once more. I could watch it all day.

A frost often times forms during the night, and then gradually the sunshine evaporates the icy layer on the grass.

It’s a sight to behold, watching the steam rise with the warmth of the sun, making its own layer of mist rising to meet the rest.

As the fog moves away, it leaves in its wake tiny droplets of dew on the branches of the trees.

Even the most uncomely of shrubs, such as the one pictured here at our gate, is made beautiful.

For decades I wanted to live at Molesworth and, as the saying goes, it doesn’t disappoint, particularly in this little piece of paradise in winter.

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