Air Fryer Experimentation continues ….

And so … back to the air fryer experimentation, it’s been a while unfortunately.
I’d been very dubious about cooking a roast, how good could it be minus the lovely lashings of fat (oil) that ensures crispy roast vegetables, most especially potatoes?
As the meal was just for the two of us, instead of a whole chicken (butterflied, I suspect that would have to be), I used two skin-on chicken thighs on the bone). All around those I placed chunks of potato, parsnip and sweet potato.
I just sprinkled a little paprika spice mix I always have made up in the cupboard.
Popped it in into the air fryer for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. I got distracted so didn’t check it until cooking had finished.
I decided to turn the chicken and vegetables over and bake for a further 5 minutes, though it didn’t really need it.
Meanwhile I’d steamed some other vegetables on the stove top – used the water from underneath those to make a quick and tasty gravy.
Re the roast itself? The photos say it all – the before and after.
Verdict – very good indeed, at least equal to a “normal” roast.
Incidentally, when I checked under the basket after baking, there was about one and a half tablespoons of fat. I guess that was rendered out from the skin of the chicken. This has to be healthier, surely.
I’m not much of a one for kitchen gadgets, but this one might win me over yet. Looking promising.
I’m kind of pleased the machine didn’t come with a recipe book per se – gives me ample excuse to develop recipes of my own.

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