Pink Lamingtons and Lemong-tons

Here is today’s Wednesday morning tea platter for friends.
These are pink lamingtons and what I call lemong-tons.

The jelly coating’s flavour (in the case of the red) is enhanced by the addition of 2 tablespoons of preserved sour cherry syrup.

The lemon variety – the centre was filled with homemade lemon curd, as well as a whipped cream made less sweet with a little plain yoghurt.

Incidentally, adding just a little yoghurt to cream ensures that it keeps well.

One of the BEST things about preserving is that there is always something in the pantry (or fridge in the case of the lemon curd) to add flavour and a special touch to everyday dishes.

Preserving season will very soon be in full swing again.

Watch this space tomorrow as I will be announcing when and where the first preserving class of the upcoming season will take place.

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