Cake and Pudding time of Year

I decided this year to branch out from my two Nans’ recipes for Christmas Pudding and Cake.

Tough choice though, I have so many cookbooks with tempting recipes. I love the older ones, some I’ve collected, others sent to me by kind people. Especially valued are the hand-written books containing favourite family recipes.

Eventually a decision was made, and now the pudding is boiled and the cake baked.

They will both just need a brushing over with rum during the next several days to ensure the outside keeps well for the required four weeks or so.

However, there’s still a lot of fruit to be used up, good reason to make and bake at least a couple more.

I do like to have plenty on hand when visitors come to call, as I hope they will over the Christmas/New Year break.

Back to the recipe books then, to try out other versions…

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