Preserving Class at Glen Derwent

Preserving class at Glen Derwent on Saturday, such a beautiful venue.

Bits and pieces of produce, and preserves remaining in the jam pans were left over, so now the preserving season has started in earnest in dealing with those today.

Lemon cordial , sweet chilli sauce, kasoundi, tomato chutney, zucchini relish and raspberry jam all bottled and set aside in a motley but adequate selection of jars I happened to have on hand.

We used 8kg of (Cracknells’ excellent) tomatoes during the class – today the rest is being dehydrated to semi-dried stage before covering a combination of salt, vinegar and olive oil.

Thanks to all at Glen Derwent, to the lovely ladies who came to the class and also the local growers of the Valley from whom I was able to access fresh produce for the day.

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