Mini Christmas Treats and More

A little baking this morning – first, for Wednesday morning tea, a rhubarb slice with an orange caramel topping. I couldn’t attend this morning, but sent this with a one litre jug of creamy egg custard.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen – I’ve decided to make mini sizes of many things this Christmas.

For instance these tiny fruit mince tarts. Their filling is fruit mince I made a few days ago – it’s been maturing in the fridge, stirred daily. They also contain a mystery ingredient in the mix is a healthy number of blackberries, strained off from our blackberry nip.

That’s the best of homemade preserves of any description – you can include them in all sorts of dishes to enhance, and also provide intriguing flavours.

tarts before baking

I then found some small springform cake tins, ideal for one-to-two serve fruit cakes, these in turn will make gifts for friends and family.

Each of the tins held 440g of the cake batter.

The only thing not small – the bread, but that’s just the type of loaf I bake almost every day. It rose especially well today as I put in about half a cup of leftover mashed potato, does the trick every time, much better than a commercial bread improver.

The now-baked tarts and homemade bread

Enough baking for today? Maybe not, I’ll see what else by way of ingredients are left in the pantry stash. Mind you, the kitchen looks particularly messy, best do some tedious cleaning up instead I suppose…..

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