Our Tom

Dad had the audacity to go out today. Worse still, he took the mini hound Poppy Puppy (to the vet for annual vaccination).

Tom threw a cat tantrum.

Doesn’t Robert know his place is with him outside, in the garden for preference?

First, scope out the rabbit hutch. Second, beat up gentle little Truffles. Third, give my leg a sharp bite as I walked past with the hose.

Finally, defeated, he waited on the driveway for Robert’s return. (He was only gone an hour).

He’s back and loading the ute with trimmings of bushes – Tom, happy now, checks it all out in his supervisory role.

Finally Dad comes in for a cup of tea so it’s time for a reassured Tom to settle down contentedly for a nap.

Who would have thought an old ex-feral cat could be so sensitive and communicative?Whoever abandoned him all those years ago lost out on the company one of the best cats ever.

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