Currant Time in the Kitchen

Over the past few days it’s been currant time in the kitchen.

The wildlife generously left us jostaberries, plus white, red and black currants. Lots of picking to do, so worth the effort.

I bottled some of each, then turned to making blackcurrant cordial syrup and jelly.

When making jelly, a fruity scum usually forms on top and indeed this was the case with mine.

Such an unattractive term, “scum”, negative connotations galore. I’d much rather call it “foam” and so I will from now on.

It is merely some the jelly that has air bubbles trapped inside, formed as the jelly reaches setting point.

Of course it needs to be removed – if it’s stirred in the jelly will be cloudy or worse still, streaky.

Once the jelly has reached setting point, it’s best to leave it to stand in the pot or jam pan for a few minutes (5, no more) before attempting to do this. It’s easily achieved by scooping the foam off with a metal sieve.

Don’t discard the foam – it’s far too good to waste; airy, fruity and delicious, it tastes almost like sherbet. Our children used to love to eat it with a spoon.

No children here yesterday but several visitors were coming for dinner.

Solution – I used the foam to make a Blackcurrant Foam Coconut Ice cream, dairy free and as I understand it, vegan friendly.

It was just a spur of the moment thing, but oh my goodness – the flavour is beyond belief, much nicer than if it had been made with dairy cream.

I served it for dessert on a small bowl of jelly to which I had added a splash of the cordial syrup (for extra flavour) and filled with raspberries and blueberries from the garden. It was pronounced delicious by all.

Nothing like home-grown fresh fruit to achieve ultimate flavour – and cool climate Tasmanian produce sends that level up a notch even further.

Here are a few photos of the last couple of days – definitely the star of the show is the ice cream.

All done bar the labelling
Husband Robert couldn't resist - asked for extra serve in an ice cream cone

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