Lemon, Lime and Mint

Alas the mint is on its way out! The heat here is intense in summer and by this stage it’s starting to suffer.

Tiny white moths sense its vulnerability and strike within a couple of days. This happens every year, no matter how much water is poured onto the mint, or whether it be situated in sunshine or in shade.

I caught it just in time to make a batch of mint julep syrup syrup, a wonderful base for cocktails or mocktails or simply with soda water for a deliciously refreshing summer drink.

While I was at it I used up some tiny lemons and limes to make a batch of (from left) lemon cordial syrup, lime cordial syrup and the mint julep.

(Recipes for all in “A Year in a Bottle” or “Complete Preserves”)

Fresh from our trees (and in the case of mint, bushes of course), there’s nothing better than the nutritional value of chemical-free home-grown produce – liquid fruit and herbs. Not a lot not to like about that.

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