Apricots (Moor Park!)

On the way back home from Hobart last Saturday we took a different route out through Campania. We came across an extensive orchard selling Moor Park Apricots.

The price for a box of seconds was very reasonable and the quality was excellent, only a tiny blemish from a branch mark here and there.

So what can you do? I bought 40 kilos on the spot and will go back for more in another week or so.
Maybe a little ambitious with that quantity? Not at all in my opinion – it only took a day to process most of them, just a couple of kilos left.

There’s bottled halves and also puree. I like to have the puree on hand to make pies all through the year.

There’s apricot jam been made of course and a batch of apricot chutney to be finished.
The remainder will be made into another batch of jam.

In and around this there was elderflower cordial to be made (possums left us some flowers for once).

After two boilings up of relish, there were a few tomatoes left over. In the photo they are on their way to the dehydrator.

The pantry should be well stocked up by the end of this summer, just the way I like it to be.

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