Baking and Preserving – what’s not to like this time of year?

Busier than busy times at the moment.

Always time for baking and preserving though.

Here’s a few snapshots of the past week or two.

For the two Wednesday morning teas that have gone by, there were jelly cakes one week, hastily prepared and a bit topsy turvy on the platter, increased by the fact that I clipped them with the gate as I closed it, platter in hand.

The possums got an unexpected treat that night of the cakes that were casualties of that little episode.

However, a strawberry shortcake made it unscathed to the morning tea table last Wednesday.

A very kind neighbour gave us nectarines from their tree, nectarines such as I haven’t tasted in years, decades even – tree ripened, full of juice and exquisite flavour. Any that weren’t eaten fresh were stewed and preserved, ready for pies and crumbles over winter.

Next – a whole bucketful of basil was a gift from another friend, so beautiful. The cooking school kitchen was filled with its aroma. It made more than 2 kilos of pesto. Now frozen, that will last for months. What a treasure!

There’s been the daily bread of course – in the loaf and rolls in the photo, the dough had been enriched with a generous handful of rolled oats.

In between there’s been batches of tomato relish and also zucchini relish – have to make the most of what the garden yields. A couple of batches of blackberry jam also, made with fruit from down by the river.

Then belatedly I found Puppy Poppy had run out of her bedtime biscuit treats, absolutely necessity to make more. That was an evening well spent, I guess she considers at least, took me hours. There were 201 biscuits in all (but who’s counting?). Easier than seeing her forlorn little face if she didn’t have any though.

There has been a Bottling class too, lovely people who came along.

And so the time has been whizzing along, lots to do but no complaints here so long as it involves cooking in one form or another.

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