Goose, Duck, Chook Swiss Rolls

Each Wednesday I make something for the platter as part of a morning tea with friends.

Today I decided to make and bake a Swiss Roll. Well, one didn’t seem to be enough really, especially give the glut of eggs we have here at present.

The geese may be as grumpy as all-get-out, but the two girls are laying well. Mind you, collecting those eggs is quite an undertaking – deserving of danger money; you are guaranteed a pecking.

The old girl ducks are providing a few eggs also, and the chickens are laying in abundance.

So I decided it was time for a little game (of experimentation) – a twist on that old favourite “Duck duck goose”.

In the case of these three Swiss Rolls in the picture, it’s “Goose, duck, chook”.

From left to right – one is made with a goose egg, one with duck eggs and the last with chooks’ eggs.

It was interesting to see how they performed, all from the same recipe (from my book “Sweet!”).

The goose egg version tended to crack a bit, but was very rich and tasty.

The duck egg one beat up by far the best, but is paler in colour.

The chooks’ egg version – good colour and also beat up well, and baked to the same thickness although the sponge batter wasn’t as thick.

They were all filled with homemade raspberry and redcurrant jam.

The final verdict according to all the test tasters – the winner ….. the goose egg!

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