Berries and Currants of Summer

Slowly, ever so slowly but now ripening fast, a crop of raspberries will soon yield more than enough to make jam and cordial.

Yes! Preserving season is coming on apace.

In the meantime as the crop builds up to full production, I’ve been using the raspberries to make a treat or two for family and friends.

Soon (about two weeks away I’m told), there will be a goods crop of apricots – not from here unfortunately, the possums see to that, but from a wonderful friend who grows my favourite variety. Apricot jam, chutney, sauce and bottled apricot halves swill soon have the pantry shelves groaning (just the way I like things to be).

Our black and red currant bushes are loaded, as are the jostaberries, all of which make excellent jams, jellies and cordial syrups.

While I really dislike the heat of summer, I must admit that it’s worth enduring for the abundance of produce here in the Derwent Valley.

Summer Berry Pavlova
Raspberry and Blueberry flan, topped with a sprinkling of grated chocolate

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