Preserving season about to hit full swing!

A gift from a friend today. WOW!!! 68 preserving jars + lids + rings + clips.

Last load is in the dishwasher for a hot hot wash so they will all stand at the ready to preserve apricots as soon as this season’s harvest arrives. Bliss. Can’t wait!

Preserving jars at the ready

Meanwhile fresh picked from the garden here this afternoon, 14 kilos of blackcurrants and jostaberries. Only a very few redcurrants amongst them. Think the chooks had been feasting on those.

There’s lots of jam, jelly and cordial syrup to be made over the next couple of days. Fantastic!

One thought on “Preserving season about to hit full swing!

  1. Roscoe Thomas says:

    Well done Sally. Our crops have all failed this year and for the first time ever I have to buy apricots !

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