Today’s bounty – this time a gift from another friend – lots of lovely ripe loquats. I just tasted one – what an under-rated fruit they are!!

Now, how to best preserve them – make some jam and then bottle the rest.

At the end of the day, here below are the loquats preserved so far – some were made into jam, which set beautifully, and others that were bottled.

I decided to make jostaberry cordial at the same time. It’s actually a super concentrate (I do this with blackcurrants too) – at a later stage it is easily made into a much larger quantity regular strength syrup.

The reason was that both the loquats and the super-concentrate needed preserving (water-bath method) at the same temperature, so the two products combined filled the preserver just nicely.

There was till flesh clinging to the pips of the loquats, so I covered those with water, brought them to the boil and will strain tomorrow and make a jelly.

It might be great on toast or scones, but my grand plan is to primarily use it as a glaze for fruit tarts and gateau style cakes.

I anticipate it will set well but even if not it will be excellent as the flavouring agent in ice cream.

I have decided that I really, REALLY like loquats.

One thought on “Loquats!!

  1. Sue Manks says:

    Me too Sally. We had our book club Christmas party and one of the ladies brought loquats for dessert. They were so delicious that I have been a bit obsessed ever since. Thank you for the recipes. Happy 2022 to you.😊

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